McDonald’s Employees in Denmark Make $21 An Hour. Here’s How They Did It.

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McDonald’s in Denmark has been making waves with American workers who are demanding for a Raise to the Wage. While American workers are struggling for a raise to $15 an hour, McDonald’s workers in Denmark have obtained an agreement between their union and the company which guarantees that workers older than 18 are paid at least $21 an hour.

You read that right: workers in Denmark who are older than 18 are paid at least $21 an hour… at McDonalds. And guess what else? McDonald’s is still making money hand over fist.

Employees who are younger than 18-years-old make at least $15. That means meaning teenagers working at McDonald’s in Denmark make more than twice as much what most adults in the United States make working for the same restaurant

So why does McDonald’s pay American workers so much less? The answer is simple: because they can.

Want to get an even bigger shock? McDonald’s workers in Denmark receive paid sick leave. They also get overtime pay… and guaranteed hours… and at least two days off a week.

Workers in Denmark point out that McDonald’s didn’t give them their union. They had to fight for it. It took a five-year struggle that involved many rallies and demonstrations. If workers in the U.S. want similar worker’s rights, then they are going to have to organize and fight for them, the same way that their co-workers on the other side of the pond had to.

(Article by James Achisa)

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