Hundreds Protest Police Brutality, Police Kill Protestor In Response…

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It was just one day after two officers in Salinas, California, had fatally shot a suspected robber, that yet another man was shot and killed. That was Wednesday night amidst protestors rallying against the trigger-happy Salinas, California police department.

Local CBS San Francisco reported that between 300 and 500 protesters gathered near Del Monte Avenue in Salinas in opposition to excessive force by the police. The protest quickly turned ugly after police arrived in riot gear.

As the protest turned into a small scale riot, a police officer was also hit in the head with either a brick or a bottle after performing CPR on the victim who police had themselves shot.

Local KION News reported that another protestor was arrested for “harassing” a K-9 and for “taunting” police. The protestor, 26-year-old Diego Garcia was additionally charged with inciting a riot and resisting arrest.

Earlier this week, we reported on the Salinas police shooting a suspected attempted burglar, who had been drinking heavily beforehand. The two previous shootings also involved individuals who had intoxicated at the time. One local protestor told local KSBW that alcohol use should not justify lethal police force.

“So basically if you’re drunk here in Salinas you run the risk of getting shot by police and it just shows the lack of training … that they have to resort to lethal force all the time and kill civilians,” protester Ralph Garcia said. “That’s not right, we’re not going to allow this.”

(Article by James Achisa)

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