Pregnant Woman Jailed, Forced To Give Birth In Solitary Confinement, Baby Dies In Cell

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Could you imagine being kept in solitary confinement in an isolated jail cell? As bad as that might be, a Texas woman was forced to endure not only that, but also giving birth alone in her solitary jail cell. To make matters worse, this resulted in the death of her newborn baby.

Nicole Guerrero is now suing the police. According to a federal lawsuit she filed, Nicole Guerrero explains that “Wichita County denied [her] access to reasonable medical care … ignored her obvious signs of labor and constant requests for medical assistance, failed to conduct a physical examination … when she began to display obvious signs of labor, left [her] unattended in a solitary cell while she was obviously in labor, failed to transport [her] to the hospital for safe delivery, which ultimately caused [her] to deliver her baby alone in the solitary cell, and resulted in [her] suffering severe and likely permanent, physical and psychological injuries.”

So far, the Wichita County has refused to comment on the case.

“We are prohibited [from talking] about pending litigation in Texas because we are representing the county in this case,” the Wichita County District Attorney Maureen Shelton said of himself and officers.

The U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas released to the document which names as defendants Wichita County, the Sheriff’s Office, registered nurse LaDonna Anderson, and Correctional Healthcare Management, Inc., Anderson’s employer.

It all started when Guerrero had been arrested on drug possession charges back on June 2, 2012. By June 11, she was told by a doctor who had been assigned to treat her for an infection, that unbeknownst to her, she was eight and a half months pregnant.

The warden and prison guards were informed about this, but she was kept in solitary confinement nevertheless. But soon she began experiencing pain and cramping, so she asked for help.

A nurse came and said she was not in labor, so guards returned her solitary confinement, where she suffered for hours, crying out for help, finally giving birth.

By 5 a.m. on June 12, a detention officer walking by saw that her cries were real, and that she was in fact in labor. He helped her deliver the baby, but because no help had come sooner, the umbilical cord had been wrapped around its neck.

CPR was performed on the baby but it was too late. The lawsuit accuses Anderson and Correctional Healthcare Management of medical malpractice. It says that there was a violation of Guerrero’s due process rights under the 14th Amendment as she was deprived of access to reasonable medical care

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(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via Getty used for illustrative purposes)


  1. There must be a point where we understand and accept the fact the an unborn is not responsible for the woman’s womb it is birthed from. This child did no wrong yet had no respect that every human being is born into. Why? The mother was left to suffer even more loss. Why should she try to better herself? Why should she have faith in our system to help her or her offspring. We are forgetting the fact we are all human and we are put here on this earth to support and not condemn. That child did no wrong doings. The mother needed to get help to be a responsible parent, NOT to be condemned for life. Now she is. No going back. She is now completely scarred without any reason to get better due to a flawed system that has more respect for guns and CONDEMNATION than humanity. It is sick. This is not just a TEXAS issue but a national dilemma.

  2. Hey, this is Texas! Protect that fetus at all costs, but as soon as it’s born, F*** it!

  3. It’s Texas. If she were giving birth to a gun they would have helped her. Pro fetus nutter states don’t care about you once you are born.

  4. People will go nuts … and yet nobody complains about the conditions at abortion clinics.

    • What conditions at abortion clinics? Clean, sanitary ones with doctors and nurses and the necessary equipment available in case of a (very rare) medical emergency? And before you claim that the conditions of one clinic run by a sadistic, greedy bastard in PA are representative of all clinics, let me just stop you right there. He was an aberration. Abortion providers in this country are aware of the sordid history of back room coat hanger abortions, and they’re not eager to return to them. 99.9% of the clinics are clean, safe, and up to code. Those who tell you otherwise are feeding you lies to push their agenda.

    • Um…what conditions?

      Ohh, you mean the ones that some women have to go to as a last resort due to the ones that had been shut down? Totally…!

  5. @TomRoberts, so you are disgusted with her, but not with the inhuman treatment of her which directly led to the baby’s death and undue suffering for this woman who was accused, not convicted, of a crime. Your astounding lack of compassion disgusts me.

  6. The ONLY one here I feel sorry for is the BABY. At least the baby will not be raised in a hostile environment (oh, drug dealing in cartel country isn’t violent….) If this woman had not DONE THE CRIME at 8 & a half months pregnant then she MIGHT not have been in jail in the first place. This story just disgusts me!

    • @Tom Roberts – You are justifying the people at the detention center allowing this to happen for no other reason than this woman broke a law? When she didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time? Way to show real world empathy for the innocent smh. She shoulda never been locked up for drug possession in the first place, prison should be for violent offenders. Period.

    • Yeah…there is no baby. It died. It won’t be raised anywhere.

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