Former NYPD Cop Busted Spray Painting Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Graffiti Near Jewish Center

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If you ever doubted that there were some really bad guys in the New York Police Department, the case of Officer Michael Setiawan should clear that up for you…
Setiawan, 36, now a former NYPD officer, was taken into custody on hate crime charges, back in May. His arrest was the result of a long investigation into a series of anti-Semitic vandalisms and graffitiing in Brooklyn.
Setiawan resigned from the NYPD back in 2007. But since then, he has been very busy carrying out attacks on synagogues and other Jewish buildings. In May he was caught on video carrying out these vandalisms and anti-Jewish graffiti messages, which he spray-painted on Jewish centers, schools, businesses and vehicles near the Bnos Zion synagogue.
In total there four buildings and 15 vehicles that had been vandalized – all by Setiawan – according to NYPD Sgt. John Buthorn.
Since leaving the force, Setiawan has been living with his parents in Queens.
His father is an Indonesian immigrant who said he was surprised to hear that his son was engaged in such criminal activity. He told the Associated Press that he woke up at 5 a.m. when the police called him to tell him that his son was in big trouble.
Minutes later, the arresting officers showed up to take the younger Setiawan into custody. It was unclear why he received this “heads up” warning call.
“I asked my son, ‘What’s wrong? What happened? Is anybody hurt?'” Thomas Setiawan recalled. “He said ‘No, don’t worry, nobody’s hurt.'”
Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a representative of the area, explained that people did get hurt by this act. This, he explained was a violation of property rights as well as terrorism, and the former cop knew the effect his actions would have, good and well.
“This was not a victimless crime,” Hikind said. “We have many Holocaust survivors here, many elderly people and children who are appropriately frightened by unprovoked hate attacks upon their schools and community. … Hate attacks on our community will not go unpunished.”
But Thomas Setiawan said that his former NYPD officer son has mental problems that led to him quitting his “dream job” years ago.
(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)