Instead of 'Cat Calls', These Construction Workers Yell Something Else At Women…

Feminism, Sexism

It’s tough to tell what to make of this. In the video that follows you’ll see construction workers yelling to an array of women passing by a work site. But instead of “cat calls,” these construction workers yell out empowering statements.
The unsuspecting women are surprised, then – apparently – amused and encouraged, well aware that some sort of stunt is going on.
So what is this, a social experiment? A study of some sort?
Unfortunately it is nothing quite as interesting. In fact, it’s sort of a bizarre mixed message.

At the end of the video, we see “Snickers” and then a message that you just aren’t yourself when you’re hungry… So wait… The message is “Eat a Snickers and be sexist again”?
Did the advertising team Snickers hired really think this through to it’s logical extension?
Perhaps they did. In other Snickers advertisements, the hungry people featured in the commercials are doing something antithetical and, always, annoying. The point is always that you’ll be cranky, whiny, or – in this case – a feminist, if you’re hungry.
How did this fly under everyone’s radar who allowed Snicker’s get away with this?
(M.B. David)