DEA Raids Woman's House at 5:00 am After She Bought Indoor Gardening Supplies

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A woman in Shorewood, Illinois recently found herself at the center of an investigation and home-invasion raid by police. It was all the result of her being reported for nothing more than buying indoor gardening supplies at a hydroponics store.
Police and federal DEA agents said that they first began the raid staking out her home. That’s where they said they were certain she must be growing the dreaded marijuana plant.
Following the stake out, they continued by digging through her garbage, and monitoring her electricity usage for weeks. They said they thought they had an open-and-shut case. All of the data they collected told them that she must be growing pot. What else could it be? It turns out, it was simply hibiscus.
Their investigation led to gun-wielding agents to raiding her house and pointing assault rifles at her head in her own bedroom at 5:00 am.
But Angela Kirking, is not a marijuana grower. Instead, she is a 46-year-old artist who does face-painting for children at local fairs. She just happens to enjoy indoor gardening. What was she growing? Nothing more than a hibiscus plant for her own consumption. The DEA and local law enforcement misread all the signs that they thought were “probable cause” to violate her rights.
“They had a gun pointed at me when they said, ‘Are there any illegal substances in your house?’” Kirking explained.
DEA agents and Shorewood police officers had waited for her husband to leave for work at 4:50 a.m. and then forced him let them in the home.
Agents confiscated Kirking’s computer, books, and a few grams of a plant that they claimed was marijuana… All of these “crimes” amounted to nothing more than a misdemeanor charges.
If you are sick of this sort of disgusting abuse of power, contact the following Law Enforcement agencies to let them know how you feel about this violation of Angela Kirking’s Constitutional – and HUMAN – rights!
Drug Enforcement Administration
Phone:  (312) 353-3640
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Shorewood Police Department (Illinois)
Phone: (815) 725-1460
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Send them a message, call them and SPREAD THE WORD!!!
(Article by M. David; image via #Op309 Media)