Top 7 Photos That Show Why People Are REVOLTING In Ukraine

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ukraine businessman home
Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev this past weekend, leaving behind his opulent compound.
Hundreds of people flocked to the grounds to see how Yanukovych had been living, and photos have surfaced of his luxurious mansion, extensive vehicle collection, zoo, golf course, and boat.
And he’s not the only powerful Ukrainian enjoying a ridiculously luxurious residence.
This photo and the one above, posted on a VKontakte page, show Ukrainian parliament member Yuriy Ivanyushchenko’s opulent home:
Yanukovych’s compound is also very over-the-top…
Here’s  the inside of a massive boat docked on the compound…
These gold coins were also found in his house:
Yanukovych is now reportedly wanted for mass murder of protesters, and the opposition has taken control of public offices. Yanukovych refuses to step down.
Clashes between riot police and protesters killed 82 people last week. It’s the worst violence Ukraine has seen since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
Oh yeah, if you want a look at Yanukovych’s cars and motorcycles, check out this YouTube video:

(Article Content via Pamela Engel)