Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN



In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

The decline in the profits from coal, tobacco and lumber industries led to a harsh toll being taken on the community.

Cale Turner, county executive of Owsley County told ABC back in 2010 that economic hardships have led to a high incidence of drug addiction.

“Those with drug addictions end up in prison without effective treatment. And it happens over and over in this community. The drug problem continues to get worse every year.”


Strangely enough, the residents of Owsley County are almost entirely Republican, in spite of the traditional opposition to the Food Stamp program by the GOP. In fact, just last November, residents of Owsley saw their SNAP benefits reduced drastically as a result of Republican opposition to funding the program.


This might rank among the greatest of ironies in history: the Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is almost entirely white and Republican.

(Article by M.B. David; images via AOL Lifestyle)


  1. Now that’s calling the kettle black for sure……

  2. Black people are more concerned with misery loves company by constantly mentioning that white people are predominately on food stamps as if that means so can we when it was intended for them and not us in the first place. White America has no problem with their own being on food stamps……it is the black mouths that must go.

  3. Its really not about color or political party. Conservatives are more against people who act like this. I lived in an effiency apt and was working fulltime and consistant overtime at a pretty well paying job. My neightbors who were well and able to work payed like 20 bucks a month for thier 2 bedroom apts, stayed up every night till 3 am outside smoking weed and drinking. I once also overheard a conversation where they were swapping tips like what to say to your doc to get on disability and stuff like that. So, I have real life experience of people who act like this.

  4. No doubt, they all think the Democrats are going to take their guns!!

  5. and I bet they all blamed Obama………

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