Newly-Released FBI Files Report That Hitler Survived, Fled To South America

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It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. This comes directly from newly-declassified FBI documents which reveal a bizarre story about Adolf Hitler surviving the Allied assault during WWII, and fleeing to South America.
The report actually claims that the FBI was informed that Adolf Hitler survived attacks on Germany, which were assumed to have been a factor pushing him to suicide. No body was ever found, even though the Soviet KGB notoriously produced laughingly unsimilar-looking pictures of a corpse.
The Soviets claimed to believe they had found his remains, but DNA tests proved decisively that they had the wrong body – whether deliberately or without previously knowing. Most historians today believe it was disinformation put out by the KGB.
In a 2009 report, The Guardian said that following the Russian skull fragment being debunked, that “in the wake of new revelations, the histories of Hitler’s death may need to be rewritten – and left open-ended.”
The FBI report claims that rather than committing suicide and having his body found by the Soviets, he fled to South America, where he lived out the rest of his life, without anyone ever being the wiser.
The documents go on to say that the Nazi leader had been living in the Andes Mountains well after the world thought him to be dead – in August of 1945.
The report goes on to explain the source of the information, noting that an informant wrote to the Bureau that Hitler was in Argentina, and had come along with his mistress Eva Braun.
The informant said that the Argentinian government actually knew about this and helped hide the former German dictator. They also gave the FBI details on what villages Hitler and four others were staying at.
The FBI document doesn’t name the informant – at least not in the form they were released in.
The names and other details are blacked-out completely from the released versions of the documents, indicating that the Bureau must have taken this somewhat seriously and felt the need to protect certain information in the report.
Strangely, however, the FBI never reported an following-up on the leads from the informant.
It is strange that they would still – to this day – conceal the identity of the informant if they didn’t believe there was any truth to this information.
This was far from the only tip to this effect – about the survival of Hitler in South America – that the FBI received. In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed the United States that Hitler had in fact arrived in Argentina.
We already know that Adolf Eichmann had fled to South America. It might seem that Hitler had gone there to join him and so many other Nazi leaders who were eventually captured in the same region.
Read the documents released by the FBI and decide for yourself…

(Article by M.B. David)