Cop ‘Stops And Frisks’ African American Teen, Literally Destroying His Genitals

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A 16-yr-old African American boy was sexually assaulted by a police officer during a “stop and frisk” pat-down. The assault was committed with such violence that the youth’s testicles were literally ruptured.

Now, Darrin Manning of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may never be able to father children, according to the doctors who performed surgery on his virtually destroyed testicles.

Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble. He was with his teammates heading to a game right after school when he encountered an officer who decided he was “suspicious” and needed to be subjected to local “stop and frisk” procedures.

All of the boys with Darrin had scarves covering the lower parts of their faces. But this was simply due to the extreme cold weather that had swept the region, with record-low temperatures that day.

Veronica Joyner, the Principal of the high school the teens attended, said that she herself had given the boys scarves to wear to keep warm in the freezing temperatures. Twenty minutes later, she was informed of Darrin’s “arrest.”

Darrin was put in handcuffs. When the officer began “frisking” him, they grabbed hold of Darrin’s genitals so hard, pulled and twisted, that the teen’s genitals literally tore off.

“I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it POP,” Manning said.

Keon Gerow, Pastor of Catalyst for Change Church, said “We want to have some questions answered and some accountability. We want the entire public to be aware, not only of the Darrin Manning situation, but the entire issue of police brutality.”

This story is without question one of the most severe cases of documented police abuses of power, brutality and sexual assault. Watch the video below and SPREAD THE WORD! There is no excuse for staying silent about this!

(Article by M.B. David; image via local Fox)


  1. I read another article saying the medical report contradicted everything the mother was saying. His testicle wasn’t ruptured, but he did have a blood clot that could of been caused by trauma. The blood clot was removed and in no way will it effect his sterility.

  2. Hel, His race matters because cops do not “stop and frisk” white people with near the frequency and brutality that POC are harassed.

  3. i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. what the hell man!

  4. This is truly horrendous . . . but what has this young man’s ethnicity to do with anything? We can see his picture. The journalistic practice known as Gratuitous Racial Identification was retired decades ago.

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