Bill to Ban Certain Tattoos, Body Piercings Passes Senate

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The Arkansas Senate passed a bill to ban tattoos, piercings and other similar body modifications which it characterizes as “non-traditional,” recently.

Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View, Arkansas sponsored the bill entitled “An Act To Limit Body Art Procedures”. She says that body modifications should be limited to “traditional” tattoos and piercings.

Her proposal was to essentially ban scarification procedures and dermal implants, as well as certain tattoos which remain yet to be defined as by the vague language of the bill she sponsored.

Almost unbelievably, this bill passed by a 26-4 vote. Following this, the bill was sent to the House, where it took on even more vague language. See the link above for the bill as it was eventually “compromised” on in the House.

The scarification ban from the Senate version was removed, while considerable ambiguous language remained. The House “compromise” bans dermal implants unless performed by a doctor. This essentially, and in practice, outlaws the body modification. As well, the bill’s vague, undefined language – even in the edited, House version – while editing out some of the original language on tattoos, fails to define a number of important issues raised by the Senate version, including what they mean by “cosmetic” tattoos as opposed to “non-cosmetic” tattoos.

If the government dictating what you can and can’t do with your body bothers you, SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M.B David, image Sandy TrueBodyArt)


  1. Republicans say they are for less government, obviously this is not true. If someone wants to mar their face and body and make themselves as ugly as sin, who am I to stop them. Not a fan of peircings or tattoos, but a big fan of personal rights.

  2. My body, my right period.

  3. At one time tattoos were banned in Oklahoma. This caused mass underground tattooing. The same thing is gonna happen in Arkansas. Wouldnt you rather keep it legal so shops are held at a higher sanitation practice than an underground practice would be.

  4. Good luck with this you shitty as government. Pass something like this in maryland and ill keep expressing myself. How I please

  5. I have no interest in fact checking this so I’ll base my statement on the hypthetical.

    The govt is elected and appointed by the people. We chose these uppity overkill conservative Fuck bags to oversee the laws and limitations, so we have no room to complain. The law can attempt to dictate how we express ourselves because we can’t stop them and I can tattoo, pierce, burn, cut, stitch, bandage and completely remove any part of my mother fucking body that I choose because THEY can’t stop ME either.

    • That’s a bunch of crap. When 51% of the people can dictate how the other 49% live, there is no freedom. That’s what happens when a constitutional republic changes into a corporate controlled democracy between two chosen sides.

  6. This is not a very unusual bill, nor is it unique. As the owner of a state licensed tattoo shop, there are a lot of regulations that we have to apply to the way we run and operate our business. While I do not have anything against dermal implants, or body mods, the truth is, even if legal, I would not provide them at my place of business. The risk of infection, rejection and lawsuits all outweigh my base profit. I do have friends who are piercers and have a true passion for professional body modification, and I fully support them, but I would never want to carry that burden. Almost every 17 year old girl I have seen get a navel piercing always comes back pushing the jewelry back and forth through the hole with their dirty fingers asking ‘How long will this take to heal?’ We give the general public far to much credit. While I don’t agree with a lot of the regulations we as small business owners have to contend with because our industry does seem somewhat taboo, I think regulations that affect public health and safety should always be up for debate at a local level. Tattoo artists, shops and piercers usually are permitted to weigh in on these bills passed in their districts, and a lot of the time they actually help shape these bills….. with good reasons in mind. They have seen the horror stories, or had to correct a hack job performed at a lower skilled shop. Once tattooing became mainstream, about 50% of the general public went price shopping in garages and sub par tattoo shops, trying to spend as little as possible. Most of which regret their decision, some of which are not even enlightened enough to know the difference. I do not think there should be absolutes, but when it comes to body modifications, I think there should be oversight and regulation to ensure that only the trained professionals are tasked with doing this job, and that they receive the pay and compensation for their knowledge and skill. Or we could all just start heating up our butter knives and start a new breed of “Kitchen Magicians”.

  7. Does plastic surgery count as a body mod?

  8. I know many are saying read the bill or that the headline is being sensationalized. Well perhaps it is but this is how it all starts.

    A little piece at a time under the guise of public health or some other BS that the weak minded will accept. Just like the Patriot Act was passed to protect us from terrorist…….now look what it has become.

    By all means be a sheeple and except the political BS spin. I for one will not fall for their line of BS.

  9. I just love giving all those people who dare to be themselves body piercings. But its getting a lot harder these days with all the new gun control laws. Be the best you can be and don’t let others look at you like WHO THE HELL HIRED YOU TO DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC without leading the circus.

  10. You all have been duped. The law that was passed only prohibits the inking and piercing of anyone under 16 and has a lot more to do with public health.

    Next time fact check, people. Critical thinking goes a long way.

  11. Anyone who doesn’t like the law, kill the police who try to enforce it, by any means necessary.

    • Because that’s the appropriate answer. I don’t agree with the government infringing on rights, and I’m in for fighting for freedoms. But to escalate it to that level instantly is foolish. Anarchy is a bad response most of the time, especially without proper consideration first.

  12. “If the government dictating what you can and can’t do to your body bothers you, spread the word”

    The government already dictates what we can and can’t do to our bodies. Drug use is illegal, not wearing a seatbelt is illegal. Some states not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is illegal. Huffing glue is illegal. So why should this be any different? Apparently people like the government to be in their personal lives.

  13. Welcome to more of the idiot parade called politicians.

    Do you numbnuts ACTUALLY believe you can tell people what they can do to their body?? I may not agree with what some people do but , ITS THEIR BODY YOU JERKS. As long as it physically doesn’t hurt someone else who gives crap what is done??

    Shouldn’t you politicos be doing more important things??

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